Excess Flow Valve


Excess Flow Valves (EFV) are devices designed to shut off the flow of natural gas in the event the gas service line is broken due to excavation or other factors. An EFV is not designed to close if a leak occurs beyond the gas meter (on house piping or appliances). They also may not close if there is a small trace leak on the service line.

Installation Request

All new gas service lines installed by the Cookeville Gas Department will include an EFV. As an existing customer you are not required to have an EFV installed, however you can request one be installed at your expense. If you would like to request the installation of an EFV please contact the Cookeville Gas Department. We will set up a mutually agreeable date when we will perform the installation. This process will require excavation of a portion of your service line at the gas main. There will be a $200 material and installation cost associated with this request.

Valve Replacement Cost

If it becomes necessary to replace the EFV on your service line because of normal failure, we will replace the excess flow valve at no charge to you. However, replacement may be necessary if you would like to add additional gas appliances, such as a pool heater or emergency generator, that exceed the capacity of your current EFV. In this circumstance a replacement charge will be the responsibility of the customer and will depend on the difficulty of the replacement and materials cost. This price will be determined at the time of your request.

Image Illustrating an Excess Flow Valve and Replacement Process

As always, please remember to call 811 before an excavation project.

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