Pipeline Integrity

You can be an important addition to a pipeline company’s safety program by being alert to conditions or situations that could threaten the integrity of pipelines in your neighborhood. Here are examples of potentially dangerous situations.

Accidental Hit of Pipeline

Occasionally a plow, post-hole digger or other excavation equipment strikes a pipeline. While the impact may not seem significant, damage to the pipe and coating creates a concentration of stress and corrosion on that part of the pipeline. The pipeline company will inspect the damage and make any necessary repairs or maintenance.

Soil Erosion

Washout of soils on the pipeline right-of-way, or along river and stream banks. Erosion can expose a pipeline to damage from machinery or the elements. The pipeline company will take action to protect the pipeline.

Pipeline Leak

There are several signs that can indicate a leak is present. If you see any of these signs, please notify the pipeline operator and the Cookeville Gas Department will investigate the situation. Some examples are:

  • Distressed or dead vegetation in a pipeline right-of-way - this can be caused by a small leak in a gas pipeline
  • Hissing sound or odor of gas in the pipeline right-of-way

Report Cases & Inquiries

Please immediately call us at 931-526-9591 if you encounter any of these or need any additional information