Pipeline Awareness

Pipeline Location Markers

Because natural gas pipelines are underground, the public is often unaware of their presence. Pipelines may be in your neighborhood or even on your property. How do you know? One of the easiest ways to locate a pipeline is to recognize pipeline markers.

Location Marker for Gas Pipeline Caution Alert

The Cookeville Gas Department installs these high-visibility yellow markers at:

  • Railroads
  • Road crossings
  • Other points along the pipeline right-of-way

They identify the pipeline company and include telephone numbers to call to reach a company representative. Be aware that not all pipeline locations are identified by markers. Please call 811 to have any pipelines identified before your work project begins.

Pipeline on Your Property

If a pipeline is on your property the easement is the agreement that gives the pipeline company the right of access to build, operate and maintain the pipeline. Remember: If a pipeline is on your property, the right-of-way must be kept clear of structures and trees. These restrictions are necessary for safety reasons.

Pipeline Markers Do Not Show

  • Depth of the pipelines
  • Exact location of the pipelines
  • Number of pipelines

Pipeline Markers Do Show

  • Approximate location of the pipeline
  • Emergency contact information
  • Pipeline operator’s name

For Inquiries

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