Using Natural Gas Wisely

Natural gas appliances are more than economical and efficient…they’re safe, too. But like all appliances, they should be used properly. Your natural gas heater, dryer, water heater and range will give you many years of safe, economical service if you follow a few easy guidelines for their use.


  • Buy only appliances with the American Gas Association’s blue star seal. That way you’ll know the appliance meets national safety standards.
  • Have your natural gas appliances installed and maintained by qualified service people.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the installation and operation of each appliance.
  • Use a natural gas appliance only for its intended purpose. For example, an oven should not be used to heat a room.
  • Keep papers, clothing, curtains, flammable fluids and other combustibles away from open flames.
  • Remove any dirt, dust or lint from burners.
  • Make sure that the natural gas flames in your appliances burn bright blue, not a sluggish yellow-orange.
  • Have at least one approved fire extinguisher in your home. Remember that baking soda, salt or even a large pot cover may be used to extinguish grease fires.
  • Have your natural gas heating system checked by a professional every year before cold weather begins.
  • Unvented space heaters should never be used in a bath room, bedroom or any other room where the door is usually closed when occupied.