Environmental Appeals Board

Regular Meetings

  • As needed


  • Lauren Shibakov, Chair (Professional Engineer)
    Term expires: July 2023
  • Kay Starkweather, Vice-Chair (Neighborhood Representative)
    Term expires: July 2027
  • Eric Cherry, Industrial Community
    Term expires: July 2025

  • Jerry Gaw, Member at Large
    Term expires: July 2026
  • Patrick Rinks, Professor Engineer with Civil Engineering
    Term expires: July 2024


  • The Environmental Appeals Board was established by Ordinance Number O04-06-11 and was approved by the City Council on July 15, 2004. The board will consist of: 
    • 1 licensed Professional Engineer with civil engineering expertise
    • 1 licensed Professional Engineer
    • 1 representative of the development or industrial community
    • 1 neighborhood representative and 1 member at large
  • Terms: 5 years staggered (after their first term served).
  • Members are appointed by the City Council.