Development Plan

Primary Components

The Development Plan, which is the actual plan for the future development of the city and its Urban Growth Area (PDF), was derived from the previous analyses. The Development Plan consists of three primary components.

Identify Factors

The first component is the recognition or identification of major assumptions, factors, issues and trends framing the formulation of the development plan.

Establish Development Goals

The second component is the establishment of development goals and objectives. The goals and objectives were based upon input gathered from:

Identify Policies

The identification of policies to achieve these goals and objectives followed the first two steps. For example, under the objective of “protection and enhancement of the natural environment” one of the policies is that “the City shall promote and support the use of green infrastructure for all new development.” The policies to achieve these goals and objectives were developed by the Planning Staff and the Planning Commission. These policies will be used by the Planning Commission as guidelines when reviewing development proposals.

Future Land Use Concept Map

The Concept Map (PDF) visually presents the city’s vision for future growth and development. The actual determination of how land in the city and its growth area should be developed was based on the all mentioned analyses, including:

  • Existing and planned transportation systems
  • Existing land use patterns
  • Natural factors
  • Utility locations and capabilities

The Concept Map also reflects the goals and objectives of the city. For example one of the primary objectives of the city is to protect single family residential areas. To achieve this objective an attempt was made on the Concept Map to ensure that commercial and industrial areas do not encroach into established residential areas.