Fitness Class Descriptions

Class Name
Chair YogaThis full-body stretch class is great for people with chronic pain and physical challenges. Movements flow smoothly to increase flexibility, decrease muscle tension, develop core strength and improve muscular balance. Chairs, straps and blocks are used. 
Classic StepStep classes after a high intensity, yet low impact workout that utilizes a raised step platform to provide a stair-climbing effect. Step exercises are described to be as effective as running a seven-minute mile, only easier on the joints.
Club CardioThis class, formally known as Zumba, uses a variety of music styles to create a club-like feel in a high-energy dance class. Participants of all levels are encouraged to attend. Exercise has never felt so fun!
High Burn HIITThis is a full-body plyometric workout that will push you to give maximum effort for maximum results. Using the 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off method, you will be challenging your cardiovascular health and muscular strength. If you are looking for a full-body toning/cardio workout, this is it.
Fit 4 LifeThis class is designed for those beginning their fitness journey, people with limited mobility and those 50-plus. It incorporates various styles of exercise, including four major components: cardio, strength training, balance and flexibility. This class uses handle bands, small therapy balls and light hand weights. Modifications are available for all exercises and can be done from a chair. This light-hearted class is designed to keep things fun so you can be Fit 4 Life.
Kick’N CoreThis high-energy workout combines kick boxing, sport drills and core work in a party atmosphere. This is an interval-style class that allows participants of most fitness levels to customize their workout. get ready to kick, punch and have some fun.
Latin ZumbaLatin Zumba is an intense and fun cardio-based workout. You will burn hundreds of calories while dancing Latin and world rhythms like Salsa and Cumbia. Drum sticks, weights and chairs are used with some of the routines to boost energy, shape and tone. No dance experience is necessary. Just move your body and have fun.
PiYoThis class is designed to help you build strength and gain flexibility. Think sculpted abdominals, increased overall core strength and greater stability. The moves fit perfectly together to form a class that’s fun and challenging while still being restorative. It’s ideal for those who need to recharge during the middle of the day.
Power HourGet stronger and leaner in this upbeat interval class, which combines strength training with a variety of cardio bursts to maximize your workout.
Slow Flow & Yin YogaThis class is a perfect combination of Yoga Flow and Yin Yoga.
Spin 30This 30-minute indoor cycling class is a fun and challenging cardiovascular workout for all fitness levels. Participants can choose their personal intensity through body positioning and bike tension. Spinning is a great way to burn a maximum amount of calories.
Spin + AbsThis 45-minute indoor cycling class is a great cardiovascular workout similar to our Spin30, but we added abs! That’s right. Participants will get conditioning and core.
Step and Sculpt/Step and StrengthThis high-energy class combines aerobics with strength training intervals. It is the perfect combination of cardio and muscle conditioning. Participants will get their heart rate up and use a variety of resistance equipment for sculpting. All fitness levels are welcome.
STAC (Strength Training and Conditioning)Using a variety of equipment, including free weights, stability balls and resistance bands, participants in STAC gain strength, flexibility and increase muscle definition. This one-hour class works through every major muscle group and helps increase muscle definition, boost metabolism and build lean muscle tissue without building bulk or size.
Turn UpTurn Up is more than just a dance fitness format. It’s a movement to evolve unapologetically, live loudly and dance ruthlessly. This hour is yours to let loose and embrace the moment.
Vinyasa, Mixed and Yoga FlowVinyasa Flow, similar to a dynamic dance, is a practice where postures, or asanas, are synchronized with the breath. The overall practice centers on Sun Salutations and engages prana, or energy found within the breath, leaving the participant feeling energized and centered. This practice builds strength, endurance, flexibility and balance, offering one an opportunity to find meditation through mindful movement and breath work. Mixed yoga flow follows the same format and is friendly to a variety of fitness levels.
Warrior YogaThis intermediate to advanced class uses Vinyasa yoga to strengthen and stretch your body. Class begins slowly and builds in speed and intensity and incorporates arm balances.
Yin YogaThis course is designed for all levels, including beginners, intermediate and advanced yoga practitioners. Yin Yoga provides an opportunity to heat the mind and body by diving deep into the roots of your tension, stress and unease. Yin Yoga is the perfect counterpoint to an active yoga practice. Each pose is held for three minutes and allows you to target the deep connective tissue. It improves flexibility, joint health and mental focus.