Cane Creek SportsPlex

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Cane Creek SportsPlex, a complete softball and baseball complex with four adult fields and four youth fields, hosts many major tournaments throughout the year, as well as spring and fall softball leagues.

We welcome everyone to the Cane Creek SportsPlex. For an enjoyable experience inside the complex, please observe the following rules:

  1. Smoking is prohibited.
  2. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited.
  3. Pets are prohibited.

We appreciate your cooperation!

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Other Contacts

  • Cane Creek Youth Softball: Heather Lewis
    Phone: 931-284-2312
  • Cane Creek Youth Baseball: Jeremy Tollison
    Phone: 931-510-5518
  • Cookeville Youth Baseball Softball Association: Jim Crea
    Phone: 931-520-5224
  • Park View Babe Ruth: Chris Westmorland
    Phone: 931-260-8299
  • Park View Youth Baseball, Chris Westmorland
    Phone: 931-260-8299
  • SACC (Structured Athletics for Challenged Children): Kim Wise
    Phone: 931-372-9128
  • Soccer field events: Putnam County Parks and Recreation
    Phone: 931-526-8015
  • Soccer
  • Upper Cumberland United Soccer Club: Trish Barlow
    Phone: 931-239-9163
  • Youth Basketball: Randall Phillips
    Phone: 931-261-4532