What if I don’t have the money to pay?

The Cookeville City Court has adopted a policy that failure to pay Court fines and costs will not result in the suspension of your driving privileges if you are determined by the Court to be financially unable to pay those fines and costs because of lndigency. If you wish to plead guilty but believe you are financially unable to pay the fines and costs, you may request an lndigency hearing at your Court appearance. You will need to complete a Certificate of lndigency that will be provided to you, and the Court will make a determination of your lndigency. If you plead "Not Guilty" but are found "Guilty" at your hearing, you may request an lndigency determination following the hearing. A Certificate of Indigency is available from the City Court Clerk’s office at 1019 Neal Street, Cookeville Tennessee. If you do not consider yourself Indigent, but you are currently unable to pay your fine and costs, you may request a Payment Plan for payment of your fine and costs. If your request is granted, but you fail to comply with the Payment Plan, the state of Tennessee will be notified of your failure and your license may be suspended by the State.

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