Water Treatment

We have approximately 370+ miles of water lines with the largest being two 30 inch transmission lines from the water treatment plant to town. We have 5 water storage tanks (1 elevated and 4 ground storage tanks) with a total storage capacity of 19.5 million gallons. For each of the last several years we have been replacing approximately 2 miles of old and/or under sized lines. Also prior to the Public Works Department repaving city streets we have been replacing all of the old service lines. This has greatly reduced the frequency and number of patches being required in newly repaved streets.

Source & Flow Information

The Water Treatment plant get its source water from Center Hill Lake (Mine Lick Creek). It is designed to treat 15 million gallons per day (MGD). In 2020 the average daily flow pumped to customers was 11.271 MGD.

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Water Quality Information

The following is the 2020 (12 month average) for the finished water quality as it leaves the treatment plant :

  • pH: 8.23 Standard Units
  • Hardness: 72.3 milligrams per liter (mg/l) ( for the hardness in grains/gallon for setting dishwashers - the conversion is mg/l*0.0584)

View the Complete Water Analysis Data (PDF).

Water Plant Pumping Capacity Improvements

In 2009, an upgrade of the raw water intake pumps gave us the additional capacity to pump water to town (finished water pumps). This has allowed the treatment plant to pump the full 15 MGD treatment capacity.