Temporary / Street Closure Permit

The City of Cookeville issues permits for parades or street closures for events that will obstruct the public streets or rights of way per Municipal Code Title 16, Chapter 9 (PDF). An Application for Parade Street Closure (PDF) must be completed; the completed application with a copy of the location or route, must be taken to the City of Cookeville Police Department to be signed (in red ink), if there is a street closure, the City Manager must also approve. The application is then returned to the tax department with the required application fee of $100 and the deposit of $250 to ensure that all refuse; litter, materials and equipment used in the activity are removed after the activity. After the event and verification by the police department that everything has been done, a check is issued for the refundable deposit (approximately two weeks after the event) and the applicant is called to pick up the refund check.