2018 IECC Amendments

2012 IECC Amendment

The City of Cookeville is in Zone 4 Except Marine 

Section N1102.4.1.2 (R402.4.1.2) Testing is replaced with Section N1102.4.2.1 Testing Option and Section N1102.4.2.2 Visual inspection from 2009 IRC. Section N1103.3.3 (R403.3.3 Duct Testing (Mandatory) and Section N1103.3.4 (R403.3.4) Duct Leakage (Prescriptive) are optional.

Table NN1102.1.2 Insulation and Fenestration Requirement by Component and Table N102.1.4 (R402) Insulation and Fenestration requirements Component and Table N1102.1.4 (R402.1.4) Equivalent U-Factors from 2018 IRC are replaced with Table N1102.1 Insulation and Fenestration Requirements by Component and Table N1102.1.2 Equivalent U Factor from 2009 IRC.