Cookeville SWAT


In recent years, the Cookeville Police Department has seen an increase in both the frequency and violence level of certain types of high-risk situations. This has necessitated the utilization of a highly specialized and skilled unit to deal with these situations. Officers assigned to this unit are required to meet rigorous standards in the area of physical fitness and weapon skills. They are also capable of using specialized equipment while carrying out tactical operations. As a result, the Cookeville Police Department has a highly trained and skilled Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Team capable of responding to high-risk situations in a controlled manner.


 The SWAT Team is an intricate part of the Cookeville Police Department’s Special Operations Group (SOG).

Duty Objective

The primary objective of the SWAT Team is the resolution of high-risk situations with a minimum use of force, personal injury, or property damage. To accomplish this objective, the SWAT Team utilizes the principles of 3C:

  • Communications
  • Containment
  • Contingency