Commercial & Special Sanitation Services

Commercial Collection Services

The City provides waste collection and cardboard recycling services for local businesses and industries for a monthly fee. Containers are available to rent with garbage collection ranging from one to six times a week or cardboard collection on an as needed basis by call-in. For more information call 931-520-5248.

Hazardous Materials

Highly flammable, combustible, explosive or hazardous materials shall not be placed in containers for regular collection. A mobile hazardous trailer will be in town at scheduled times to collect these items. For information, call the Keep Putnam County Beautiful Clean Commission at 631-537-3278 or Putnam County Solid Waste at 931-528-3884.

Disposal of Medications

A permanent drug disposal box is located at the Cookeville Police Department. It is available 24 hours a day for anyone who wants to drop off medications.

Paint Collection at Dacco in Putnam County

The Dacco Convenience Center will collect paint for disposal Tuesdays and Saturdays from 10:30 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.

Putnam County Center Locations

Name Location Phone
Bangham 5759 Hilham Road 931-528-5693
Bloomington Springs 6670 Martin Creek Road 931-858-3271
Brotherton 7200 Brotherton Road 931-537-3811
Buffalo Valley 3340 Medley Amonette Road 931-858-3547
Dacco Quarry 3000 Dacco Quarry Road 931-528-9094
Ditty 3305 Ditty Road 931-432-4246
Gentry 14228 Nashville Highway 931-858-5842
Monterey 2730 Old Walton Road 931-839-3482
Silver Point 130 Center Hill Dam Road 931-858-6449
County Landfill 10089 Cookeville Boatdock Road 931-858-4071