What We Offer

The Cookeville Fire Department is an ISO Class 2 protection rating. Protection to the citizens of Cookeville is provided by 4 stations and 60 Firefighters.

  • 2021 750- gallon, Pierce Enforcer Rescue/Pumper, 1,500 GPM (Rescue 1)
  • 2021 500- gallon, Pierce 107' Ascendant Quint/ Pumper/ Ladder, 1,500 GPM Pump (Ladder 4)
  • 2019 Dodge RAM 2500, Medical Response/ Rapid Response/ Special Purpose (Squad 1)
  • 2018 750- gallon, Pierce Enforcer pumper, 1,500 GPM Pump (Engine 3)
  • 2008 500-gallon, 75-foot Sutphen ladder truck with a 2,000 GPM pump (Ladder 2)
  • 2007 750-gallon Crimson rescue pumper with a 1,500 GPM pump (Reserve)
  • 2006 1,250-gallon Central States pumper / tanker with a 1,500 GPM pump (Reserve)
  • 2001 1,250-gallon Central States pumper / tanker with a 1,500 GPM pump (Reserve)
  • 2001 300-gallon, 100-foot Sutphen aerial platform with a 2,000 GPM pump (Tower 1)


Fire Suppression

Fire suppression is provided by various rated pumpers capable of pumping up to 2,000 gallons per minute (GPM). Each apparatus is fully equipped and ready to respond to an emergency at all times.

First Responder/ Medical Assistance

The stations are staffed 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to serve the citizens of Cookeville. First Responder/ Emergency Medical Assistance is provided by cross-trained firefighters. These firefighters are trained to the level of Advanced Emergency Medical Technician and Paramedic. We respond to serious and life-threatening events to provide a timely response to the sick or injured. The Cookeville Fire Department is an ALS First Responder Agency.

Rescue Services

Rescue Services are provided by firefighters at each station. Rescue and extrication equipment is carried on all front line apparatus; all firefighters are trained in rescue techniques and the use of the rescue equipment.

Hazardous Materials

The Cookeville Fire Department maintains an Operational Readiness level of training to contain and / or mitigate Hazardous Materials spills or leaks.

Fire Prevention

The Cookeville Fire Department strives to reduce the risk of fire; thus protecting lives, welfare, and economic vitality of our community. We accomplish this through public fire safety education in the community, fire safety education in schools, fire extinguisher classes, fire investigations, and fire safety checks(upon request). The Cookeville Fire Department installs free smoke detectors for our local residents to combat fire and deaths due to fire through the TN State Fire Marshal's Office smoke detector program.