School of Dance

The Leisure Services School of Dance was founded to:

  • Foster the understanding of dance as an art form within the community through class instruction and studio performances
  • Guide students toward a strong technical foundation through quality dance instruction
  • Provide students with a broad dance education through exposure to various dance forms
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School of Dance

The Cookeville Department of Leisure Services is pleased to present its dance program offerings. Classes are held at the Cane Creek Recreation Center. Students may register online or by contacting the School of Dance at the Cookeville Performing Arts Center at 931-528-1313.

Weather Reminder

The school of dance does not follow the Putnam County school schedule as it relates to dismissal or cancellation for inclement weather. When classes are cancelled due to weather a text and email will be sent to all students. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to give us a call at 931-520-5299.

Class Offerings

Dance for Young Children (DYC) (Ages 3 Through 1st Grade)

DYC attempts to expand the child’s understanding of how his/her body moves in space, to encourage the child’s development of basic movement skills, to provide him/her with a positive self-image in movement, and to broaden his/her understanding of dance as an art form - communicating through body movement. Children in DYC classes experience movement, music and creative expression. They build confidence and a sense of achievement while mastering fundamental skills and the basics of dance. Completion of the DYC program prepares young dancers for more advanced Ballet, Jazz, Tap and Modern dance classes. A performance opportunity at the Cookeville Performing Arts Center is offered for the Dance for Young Children students in May.

Technique Classes are offered for ages 7 years through adult in the areas of classical ballet, modern, and jazz/hip hop. Technique classes are designed to enhance student growth and development by:

  • Familiarizing students with the movement vocabulary of the selected dance form
  • Increasing flexibility, muscular control, coordination, strength, and stamina
  • Focusing on proper body alignment
  • Emphasizing rhythmic accuracy
  • Providing an awareness of the elements of dance - the body, space, force, and time

Ballet (2nd Grade and Up)

Students continuing their ballet training begin a more formal study of the classical technique. Strength, posture, alignment, musicality and clean movement patterns are emphasized. Multiple classes per week are recommended for students progressing through the curriculum. Teachers regularly evaluate progress to ensure proper placement.


Jazz prepares students for contemporary choreography and musical theatre. Students may begin jazz classes at the teacher’s discretion.

Modern Dance (2nd Grade and Up)

Classes will focus on the fundamental philosophies of modern dance. Students will be encouraged to develop dance sequences and compositions.

Teen / Adult Ballet, Jazz, Modern

The teen and adult classes are for students wishing to further their dance training in a non-competitive recreational atmosphere. Dance classes provide opportunities for artistic expression and improved coordination, strength, posture, flexibility, grace, and confidence. Classes are designed to be stimulating and fun.

Tuition & Fees

Tuition is based on an entire dance season; August through May.


  • 1 class per week = $350.00 per year
  • 2nd class per week = 5% discount/$332.50 per year
  • 3rd class per week = 10% discount/$315.00 per year
  • 4th class per week = 15% discount/$297.50 per year
  • 5th class per week = 20% discount/$280.00 per year
  • 6th class per week = 25% discount/$262.50 per year
  • 7th class per week = 30% discount/$245.00 per year
  • Pointe Class = $325.00 per year

 Costume Fee - Students are responsible for a performance costume fee of $75 per class in addition to tuition fees.

Registration Fee

NOTE: $10 registration fee waived for early enrollment through July 1

A $10 per family annual non-refundable registration fee is required to register. The Leisure Services School of Dance’s instructional year is designed for continual training August through May. When a student registers for a class, that student occupies a spot in that class for the entire instructional year. Payments may be set up on an individual schedule, and are made for the entire year, regardless of the actual number of classes attended.

Payment Plans

Multiple options are available for making payment for classes. When registering, ask about plans that suit your budget.


Students, including Dance for Young Children, will participate in a spring performance at the Performing Arts Center scheduled in early May.